Would you like to have an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career in complementary health? If so, then contact O’Neill Kinesiology College today to see how a career in Kinesiology can take you on a life-changing journey of energetic medicine, physiological science, health & eastern healing.

“I found the best college (not just any college) to teach me.  I have found something I am passionate about – becoming an Advanced Kinesiologist so I can help others with health issues and transform their lives forever.”

– Pamela Henderson

What to Look for in a Kinesiology College…

  1. Integrated Training Program offered: ensure the Kinesiology techniques in the curriculum are up-to-date with the current field of Energetic Kinesiology and developed by more than 1 or 2 people.
  2. Weekly supervised practice offered: weekly practice under supervision is one of the keys to success for developing your kinesiology skills, as repetition is how our brain learns new skills.
  3. Office staff available to assist students: you want office staff to be available to students at least 5 days per week, so your questions and issues can be resolved in a timely manner.
  4. High quality Student clinic experiences offered: undertaking real clinical experiences under supervision throughout your training is another key to success. Ensure the student clinic offered will have real clients attending all your sessions.
  5. Track record of successful graduates: ensure the college has a high percentage of graduates entering clinical practice successfully. You want to look for graduates who successfully make a career as a Kinesiologist, i.e. they make a sustainable living just working as a Kinesiologist.

If you would like to learn Kinesiology in a supportive, flexible and dedicated learning environment, or are interested in finding out more about this incredible modality, visit O’Neill Kinesiology College by clicking here. Attend an Introductory Workshop or visit the College on their next Open Day – Your Inspirational Journey begins here.